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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  September 22, 2015 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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dr. carson is on with sean. o'reilly factor up next good night from washington. >> tonight on "red eye," hillary clinton claims to be a real person. but wouldn't she say the exact same thing if she were a robot bent on world domination? and ben carson says no muslims in the white house. will america say no ben carsons in the white house? and the daughter of a comedy legend stops by. no, not one of my daughters. it is kelly carlin. our panel provides coffee and conversation, but first, a news break. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good morning. pope francis will be landing in the u.s. later this afternoon following his pilgrimage to cuba. the pontif is kicking off his tour in washington, d.c.
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he will be greeted by the first lady and president obama who will host a face-to-face meeting on wednesday morning. thursday pope francis will head to new york city before finishing his trip in philadelphia. wisconsin governor scott walker is ending his bid for president. walker is dropping out to create space in a crowded gop field. he is urging other candidates to do the same so a smaller group can take donald trump down, he says. >> i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider to do the same so the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current walker's exit comes after rick perry is the first candidate to bow out. the republican pack stands at 14. the u.s. will be giving nearly $420 million more to aid syrians fleeing poverty and
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war. they say the money will pay for things like health care, food and clean water. the u.s. is spending a total of $4.5 billion on the refugee crisis. thousands of people from the middle east are continuing to pour into europe each day. and volkswagen's stock tanking after the company admits to cheating on u.s. smog tests. the world's top selling car maker lost 17% of its value yesterday. vw used programses to make some of its diesel cars run cleaner during tests. the white house says it is investigating and will make sure auto makers are following federal regulations. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye." >> welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the news deck. >> a busy political day at the news deck. >> why is that, andy?
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>> the big news that wisconsin governor scott walker dropped out of the gop presidential race. >> that is right. scott walker the hot ham guy. >> he always tweeted eating hot ham on sundays. i believe we have a special video marking the end of his campaign. >> ♪ hot ham hot ham. ♪ hot ham >> walker may have left the race, but we will always have hot ham, tom. >> i can't think of anything else we would need. let's welcome our guests. she was named one of the 50 most beautiful people in washington, d.c. oddly she came in just behind the lincoln memorial.
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conservative commentator michelle field. he writes for the washington free beacon and not to be confused with the new york free beacon or the duluth $3 $3heliogram. carrie grant they ever said judy, judy, judy, but i just did. comedian and host of the pod cast, kill me now, judy gold. and he hosts a show "mad man" the story of scott walker's one supporter. sitting next to me, comedian mark giadono. let's begin with the most important story of the day. >> spoiler alert. that's what some people thought emmy's host andy sandburg should have said before tossing to a spoiler heavy tv money taj of shows that ended this past year. it looked something like this. >> the war is over.
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tommy -- >> did you fall asleep again? >> you have to look to your future. >> you already know where this is going. viewers unleashed their rage on twitter bashing the award show for ending the ruining for shows like "boardwalk empire,"" mad men" and andy sandburg's career. but we here at "red eye" would never do something like that to you. ♪ ♪
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>> that last one was a spoiler for me. >> i kwan see that happening, tom. >> i think these people are whiners. don't complain. >> i know it is shocking that i could agree with you, tom. i don't have time to watch all of these shows. they are done. they are done. so then turn off the tv. i don't understand. there are so many more important things. oh my god i know the ending now. oh i can't -- get over it. >> you don't care about the shows at all. but even if you want to show, what does it matter? >> look. i often know what happens -- like i knew what happened at the end of mad men because i read. it doesn't mean i don't want to watch it. >> that's right. it is enjoyable, right? like romeo and juliette we knew the ending before we read it. >> it is like my grandmother
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said when she saw passion of the christ. it was okay, but i knew the ending. >> i didn't see that. >> if this montage taught us anything is if you watched an important character die a gruesome death in the last part of a tv show it is still funnier than the finale of "two and a half men." >> it is true, right? michelle, i think in "boardwalk empire" somebody seems to have passed away and i can't remember the guy's name. >> i don't watch shows when they air. you pick a weekend when you don't want to deal with human beings and lock yourself in your apartment and binge. if you are invested in that show, you don't want to know the ending. at least say spoilers are coming. they didn't even do that. >> the thing is though, do you really know the endings of the shows? i am not sure what happened there. i saw gunshots and whatnot. somebody named swreek -- zeek was dead. who cares ? >> when you watch the show you are invested in it. >> oh please.
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you know the guy dies at the end. just enjoy it. get over it. >> are you sensitive to spoilers like michelle is? >> no. i didn't watch the emmies. the emmys. >> no one watches the emmys and so they should be nice to the little amount of viewers they get. screw you, we will tell you exactly what happened. >> i think a lot of people watch the emmys. >> and they miss some. phinneus and ferb, they don't show the spoilers. i have kids. >> that's why you watch it. i was wondering. >> i figured that out. >> i watch them because my kids watch them. who knows? i thought maybe he was at his bachelor pad. >> trying to lure kids with my stockpile of candy. >> i have advice. "south park" and" family guy" for your kids. >> excellent choices. >> there is strong language in there, right? >> yeah,. >> there is strong language.
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>> i don't know why anyone watches the emmys anymore. it is very long. in the past we watched them because we thought well maybe something interesting will happen. if it does it will be on youtube the next day. >> it is so boring. >> i like to live tweet and criticize and, look, i have been in the business a longtime. i know have the people up there. it is funny. i was on a plane and i came home and, you know, i had dvr-ed it and watched it. >> the viewer ship hit all-time lows. i think a lot of people feel like you and i feel. why are we watching this? we can watch clips later. >> or dvr it and fast-forward through it. but don't fast-forward "red eye." >> that's the problem. people have no interest. they want to watch it when they want to watch it and that's it. >> michelle? >> exactly. >> too many award shows. >> and i don't want to know the spoilers. >> the emmys were not just about spoiling shows. they were awards.
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viola davis gave an acceptance speech after being the first black woman to win best actress in a drama series, but one woman didn't like the speech setting off a tsunami of initter net hate. before we get to that here is davis. >> let me tell you something, the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. you cannot win an emmy for roles that are simply to the there. simply not there. >> nancy lee gran who describes herself as a soap star tweeted at 11:08 p.m., i wished i loved her speech, but i thought she should have let rimes write it. shortly after she declared "i am an f-ing actress. none of us get the respect and the opportunity we deserve. emmys is not an opportunity for it. she was quickly condemned.
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one woman scolded you could never walk a mile in her shoes. you will never know what it is like to be a black person in america, so don't speak. another posted mediocre white woman gets mad at talented black woman. the attacks continued unabated. now through her long night of walking back those tweets. 12:44 a.m., i they ever meant to diminish her accomplishments. i wish i could get her roles. 1:36 a.m., after reading responses i hear you and my tweet was badly phrased. 3:14 a.m., i apologize for my earlier tweets and realize i need to check my own privilege. 6:56 a.m. -- >> this is brilliant. >> 3 years an advocate for human rights and now i am a racist. color me heart broken. twitter can bring out the best and sadly the worst of us. wow. michelle, she made it all night. you have to go to bed. you tweet and you go to bed and you get the consence qenses in the morning.
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>> i feel sorry for her. she has been on "general hospital" for like 20 years. she is an actress and probably wants to do awesome roles. she is sitting there probably eating her cheetos wishing she had awesome roles. >> she is bitter and jealous. >> that's why actors and actresses watch these shows. >> she is bitter and she obviously was up all night going oh my dwod! -- oh my god! you know what! no. i'm gonna -- i can just see her having these -- >> it started with the defenses. >> you have to admit these people, they have the ear. they have the ear of the industry and it is an opportunity to not play a character, to make a point, and that's what she was doing. politicians get to do it all the time on their talk shows and this and that. but coming from someone who experienced this, how many people say this is for all of the misfit kids? and these are for the transgender and the blah, blah, blah.
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it gives people hope. >> it was her point of view. >> she has no hope. she is on "general hospital" and she wants off. >> i watched "general hospital" in 1980 when it was hot with luke and laura and she has been on since 1997. >> that's sad. >> no one cares. >> to me that was the most amazing thing of the story that "general hospital" is still on. >> that's amazing, right? >> this is classic what is going on in our culture where she apologizes while professing what an amazing humanitarian she is. and then she tries to do an end around talking about her white privilege. i don't understand why people feel the they'd to -- they need to couch what a good person they are while apologizing. >> why not just tweet, everybody shut up. i am drinking share done nay. she was tipsy and angry she was not up there on the stage.
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>> she was up until 6:00 in the morning and obviously drinking all night. the way you -- a pot smoker cannot stay off. you have to offset that with meth or something and -- i don't know. she is from skoki. >> the only one -- >> what was the last thing good that came out of skoki. >> hold on! hold on. they can come down on you for that. >> skoki? >> they are a massive viewer ship. >> once they update from windows 95 they can get me. >> it is the equivalent of sticking your own head up your own ass. that's what she did. >> she is not well known. let her tweet and ignore her. >> this is a break out role. >> well, let's see. on sunday ben carson appeared on "meet the press" where she -- where he said nothing controversial. >> do you believe that islam is consistent with the constitution?
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>> no, i do not. i would not advocate that we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> oh, okay. wisely carson quickly backpedaled telling the newspaper that a president should be, quote, sworn this on a stack of bibles and not korans. i guess he double downed. others jumped on the comments with lyndsay graham saying carson is not ready to be commander-in-chief. america is an idea and not owned by a particular religion. ted cruz said, quote, you know, the constitution specifies there will be no religious tests for public office and i am a constitutionalist. they said carson's remark made him unfit to be president and caused him to pull out of the race. that's a little extreme
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telling him to pull out of the race. >> i am not surprised what comes out of these people's mouths. there is no religious -- it is unconstitutional -- >> did he say that or did he just say -- i think he said in his opinion, his analysis, he thought, no. >> so he said no. he doesn't think a muslim should be president. and then people can say you know what, i'm not voting for him because he doesn't think a muslim should be president. i don't even know why we talk about religion. it is so -- we were based on separation of church and state and it is constantly about god and religion and. . >> what do you think? >> that is not what i said. i don't understand. >> it is important and people talk about this because religion is important to a lot of people's lives.
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they want to share people's perspective. >> i want a commander-in-chief who uses science and knowledge and experience and expert. >> you are talking about a doctor who was a brain surgeon for babies for 40 years. >> that doesn't mean he is a great person. >> how is the scientific knowledge in comparison to ben carson. >> maybe he is great in science -- >> but you want somebody who knows science. >> that means you have to endorse ben carson. >> that is so not true. he is not that good at science. >> you would not be the only person. he won the general hospital vote right away. >> i was going to do the joke. >> let me get back to michelle. i think he was basically giving his opinion and maybe he should have said something like i don't think so. we will let the voters decide because that's what happens anyway. >> he is not a politician so it is easy for people in the
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media to get a question and for him to screw it up because he doesn't have much experience. he should have said i am not going to talk about that issue. it is not important and it is not leak we have somebody waiting in the wings to become president and it is not an important issue, but he didn't do that. >> it was a bad answer and it was a gotcha question. >> but it is his opinion. it is not like he said he wants to change the constitution. >> he didn't say he should be ineligible. he said do you think and he said no. >> he should have count erred saying it depends on the person. >> it shows who he is as a person and howie motionly unintelligent he is. >> i think you need to be well rounded to be a commander-in-chief, okay? >> before you just said it was science. >> i said someone who uses science and uses knowledge, history, psychology. there are so many things besides god telling us what to do. >> i think he was probably using science. >> i am not saying that. and this is exactly what happened.
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>> he is a great scientist and he knows about being a pediatric neurologist. there are so many other skills. >> it shows what kind of person he is. it is so good and i don't have to vote for him. he doesn't already -- he doesn't realize that's a stupid question to answer. >> it is not important. >> so you agree with mark and myself. we all agree everybody. let's go to a commercial break. we agree. >> hillary clinton reminds you she is a real person, not that you needed reminding.
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okay hillary clinton says she is a real person which is exactly what a real person would say. here is clinton on cbs' face the nation. >> i am a real, real, real, real, real, person. >> we doctored that a little bit. let's play the real tape. that was a top hillary impersonator. let's try again. >> knowing you don't engage in phony makeovers, give us three words that is the real hillary clinton. just three. >> just three? i can't possibly do that. i mean, look, i am a real person with all of the pluses minuses that go along with being that. >> his grammar was incorrect,
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tom. >> killer question. >> i feel like our manipulated hillary clinton had more warmth. what happened? she seems worse than when she ran against browm. >> that is true. i think she is hardened. look, she is very intelligent and very capable. she has everything except this warmth. bill clinton, how did he win? george herbert walker bush looked at his watch in a debate, right? and someone asked something -- >> he was good though. >> he said tell me about your show. >> he shea doesn't have that. -- she doesn't have that. >> she didn't want to break him out to the general.
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>> not often you can see somebody declare they are a real person while dressed like a giant tangerine. >> i thought her top was attractive. >> i actually liked that outfit. >> she has the same problem over and over. it is a hillary problem. there is no way they can divorce her from herself. she can't connect with people. she is not the best candidate. she has no warmth on the stump. that's why bernie sanders is connecting with people because he is authentic and she is not. >> that's right. do you agree, michelle? >> i agree. i think her problem is like you said, she is not charizmatic and not relatable whatsoever. the person asked her to describe herself in three words. ishe said i am a real person. i want a president who can count. >> that one laugh though -- >> it is crazy. she sounds crazy with that laugh. >> she didn't say she couldn't count. she said she couldn't do it -- there are not three words. i have to listen. you have to listen. >> do you like her laugh?
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>> over at the free beacon we have a hillary laugh button to remind people to behave themselves or it is coming down on them. >> her lack of warmth may be getting into trouble. they have signed a letter endorsing bernie to be the democratic nominee. among them margaret cho, patch adams, danny devito, will farrell, justin long, susan sarandon and sara silverman. wow. if you lose patch adams, you lose the country, don't you? >> ironically half of those celebrities who endorsed bernie sanders died in the emmy montage. >> this is jo normal hollywood stuff. they are endorsing the farrest left candidate.
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>> why is that? >> that's what they always do. >> that's not true. i know plenty of republicans who are in hollywood. >> i'm talking about establishment liberal hollywood people will always endorse the farthest left candidate. >> that's not true. >> they went to the left of hillary with obama. they will go to the left of obama and hillary with bernie sanders. >> i don't think that's true. >> she does president think it is -- she doesn't think it is true, but i do. why not endorse hillary? >> yoing they like hillary. that's why they are going with bernie. >> we have to go, judy. i want to hear your point, but habe in the next block. >> what? >> hit the showers, boy. it is half time with -- on "red eye" with andy levy.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm kelly wright. good morning. california's governor is asking the white house for help. jerry brown wants a presidential disaster declaration as firefighters in northern california continue to battle two of the most devastating wildfires in state history. at least five people have been killed. nearly 1600 homes have been destroyed. and this morning thousands of people are in need of shelter. >> just numb. this is something you see in the movies. it looks like a "walking dead"
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scene and i am waiting for them to come out of the corner. it is a disaster. >> for everybody to get out of here and be okay is enough for me. we will band together and rebuild. >> help is needed in california. the stage is now set in our nation's capitol for the arrival of pope francis later today. he will meet with president obama at the white house and deliver a speech before congress. the pontif's six-day american tour also includes a visit to new york and philadelphia. pope francis wrapped up his trip to cuba yesterday where he urged a crowd of about 150,000 worshipers to never resist the idea of change and european leaders will meet in brussels to try to decide what to do about the thousands of asylum seekers stuck in croatia. hungary denied them entrance as they tried to reach other destinations. meanwhile, the white house is sending nearly $419 million in
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humanitarian aid to help syrian refugees. it will help pay for food and shelter. so far the u.s. has committed $4.5 billion to the plight of the migrants. that's a look at news. now back to "red eye." welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong and what we missed from tv's andy levey on the "red eye" news deck. >> emmy spoiler real. when his mom said she liked the passion of the christ you said you haven't seen it? >> i have not seen it. >> the jews did it. >> what? seriously, can we cut? >> i don't think you saw it. >> of course i have seen it. i thought it was a good movie. >> i am a big mel gibson fan.
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>> i wouldn't even say the jews did it. >> it was a joke, tom. >> not so much for mel gibson, but for me if was a joke. >> and me. >> you said big deal what do we know? someone named zeke was dead. she said did you fall asleep again? and then she says oh zeke. we don't know. >> you never know. >> i don't even know what show that was. michelle, you said the emmys were like, screw you, we are going to tell you what happened at the end of all of these shows. but they happened awhile ago. >> it has only been uh year since they shows have wrapped up? >> that's a longtime. >> people are brz. i have watched shows like a year later on netflix. >> but you can't expect -- so what is your cutoff for spoilers, a decade? >> i think you can give spoilers so long as you tell people spoilers are coming which is not what the emmys
12:35 am
did. >> i am getting to the mash spoiler. >> you said you didn't watch the emmys. was it because the same reason i didn't? >> i am not a 47-year-old woman. >> what? what about the gay men. >> that's a good point. >> i left out an important deem demographic. >> hang on. >> you just wait. >> you think i will make it that far? >> i recent that. i am 49. >> and he's a woman. >> you said you dvr-ed the emmies. did you stay away from spoilers? >> did i stay away from them? >> from the spoilers? >> no. >> i was just curious.
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>> i don't care. if you read you know the ending of the shows anyway. >> thank you. >> absolutely. >> judy, i'm with you on this one. i get annoyed when they use the platform to talk about general politics. viola davis was specifically talking about hollywood so what better place to address that? >> right. and her experience. that's why i love you way more than tom. >> bill, you asked what the last great thing was to come out of skoki. i think it was that american nazi parrot march. nazi party march. >> should we reference the nazis? >> send your hate tweets to my twitter account at atom shillue. i meant we got an excellent supreme court decision. i thought the tweet was dumb.
12:37 am
but how tire so many are people who feel like they have to jump in when something like this happens. it is like a social justice bat signal. the minute the tweet went out, did you see the tweet? did you see the tweet? and everyone felt like they had to respond to the tweet. maybe don't respond to the tweet. >> what does the bat signal look like? >> i am not sure. >> the word that came to mind was offensive. >> probably for the best. ben carson says a muslim shouldn't be president. i enjoyed your ted cruz impersonation. jay i did too. i thought it was great. but you need to really look in the camera. it was great. >> you said you don't understand why politicians talk about religion so much. do you want a commander-in-chief who uses science, experience et cetera? isn't that a good reason to talk about religion? you can decide which ones not to vote for. did i just blow your mind? >> i feel like i don't need to dwo to therapy -- go to
12:38 am
therapy because you make me think. >> hospital you say science instead of god? why did you bring him >> i brought in my therapist. when i mean science i mean not creationism in the schools. >> oh i said oh god. oh my god. i meant to say oh gosh. >> you can say goodness. >> oh goodness. thank you. >> mark, you said carson should have couched his answer by saying it depends on who the candidate is as a person. i think he knows that and it gets to michelle's poi of -- point of hem answering questions wrong. he said he would be open to a moderate muslim running as president and the fact he meant radical islamists were implied. >> he didn't imply that. he answered it poorly and should have implied it.
12:39 am
when you answer a question like that you have to be exceedingly clear. >> he should have said it instead of just saying it wasn't implied. >> say what you want about ben carson. he brought them together and i don't think it was ever done before. hillary claimed she is a real person. when will the lies stop? someone on the staff has to tell her never to laugh in public. >> i don't know why they haven't. >> i don't really understand. >> that has to be the bane of her existence is dealing with her in that way and trying to manage her personality. >> so you're voting for hillary? >> i am a big fan. >> tom before i go, i want to say one thing. as some of you know mary katherine ham lost her husband over the weekend. jake brewer was cycling to raise money for cancer research when he was hit by an
12:40 am
on coming car. our hearts go out to her daughter and baby on the way. if anyone feels like making a donation they set up an education fund for the kids. find it at brewer fund .org. it has already raised $200,000 which is amazing, but feel free to add to the total if you so choose. >> thank you, andy. it is time to take a break. when we come back, kelly is in the studio. take it away, kennedy. >> on the next kennedy you will see paul mccurio and a cia agent with spy secrets that could possibly save your life. see you at 8:00 p.m. pacific and 5:00 pacific.
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if your dad was one of the greatest and most influential of all kind i would love to sit and chat with you. it also means you might be -- i am here with kelly carlin. her latest book is called "a carlin home companion" and it is a fascinating look at her life with legendary comedian and her dad george carlin. thank you for being here. >> it is a pleasure to be here. >> i love the book. we are going to move books because i love this back -- this book. i will start with a quote. he knew what he wanted. he knew how to get there.
12:45 am
his life was set. there was never a plan b. tell me about the danny k plan. >> he was a kid, born in 1937. he went to the movies and sedan knee k on the big screen one day and he knew he wanted to be that. here he was like 10 years old and made this plan. first step i'm gonna be a radio dj. second step i will be a stand up. third step i will be an actor. it didn't quite work out that way, about you the dj stand up thing worked out. >> that was the plan. he was focused. people think george carlin and the beard and long hair and maybe he went out and started talking to people and telling it like it is. but there was a lot of ambitious there. >> there was, absolutely. and he was a kid doing his schtick on the stoop of his neighborhood. he was a stand up for a longtime. >> mid60s and living on 121st street and your dad is running downtown doing spots at the cafe wa, the
12:46 am
bitter end, but rubbing shoulders with bob dylan and others. did that change his danny k plan? these are not the performances he grew up with. >> this was the difficulty for him. on the inside he was one of those guys. he was hanging out with the musicians and these radical comedians and this is who he was. lenny bruce was these hero. on the outside he had a plan. in those days you couldn't make money being a comedian at those clubs. it was not the folk scene. he had to go on ed sullivan and johnny carson so he had to play the tv game and he did it well. >> he did it. he was working the playboy club and the copa cabana. so you moved to beverly hills. >> we did. >> move to beverly. >> yep. >> and how old were you? >> i was three when we moved to l.a., in 1966. >> but he is still very tv friendly. he is not the george carlin we know. >> and became huge. that's when his career took off. he did the john davidson show
12:47 am
and merv griffin. his career exploded. he got some movies and got in with dore advice day and -- doris day and brian keith. >> but they kept asking him to do the same tv friendly routines. >> they said do that hippy dipy thing and the indian sergeant. he was ready toy valve. to evolve. he said he had new stuff and they said yeah, don't do that. he started to get depressed. >> and then he started to get fired. your parents and you and you were an only child. he started getting fired from big gigs, vegas. why? >> language. shocking, huh? >> but that meant you were doing well. he was earning a good living. >> my mom put a deposit down on a beautiful home in the san fernando valley with a pool and we were living the dream and dad said i can't do it
12:48 am
anymore. it is killing me. i have to listen to my heart. i have to be the person -- the person on the outside that i am on the inside. he decided to grow out his hair and grow a beard and be the george carlin people know. >> what did your mom say? it can break up the family. he said i want to be a hippie and work on college campuses. >> mom at first was resistant and freaked out. she was an adventurer, and she had fallen in love with my dad because of his spirit. she saw his spirit get reignited and she signed up for it and said let's go. >> you went on the road together. sometimes i take my kids on the road and travel with jim gaffigan and there are a lot of kids there. did you drive in a camper or fly? >> we would fly and sometimes dry to gigs. it was fun being on the road with my parents. we add god time jie. i will ask you a couple of questions off line -- i mean we will put
12:49 am
them on-line. i want to skip to the end. it is 1979 and you saw them doing a parity of your dad. he was no longer counter culture. he was the establish meant and who was big? steve martin. we forget legends have had ups and downs as well. >> my dad saw rick moranis doing him and he said i am not the guy anymore. that's when he had to go in and once again do some more soul searching and find out what is next for him. >> it was another reinvention. >> another reinvention. >> dozens more hbo specials after that. >> absolutely. >> we will get into goodie tails of your life in -- good details of your life. going to school in santa monica with other celebrities and that's on-line. people can go on-line and see the rest of the interview. thank you for being here.
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kelly carlin, we will close things out with a bedtime story. oh, look. we have a bunch of...
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huffman and jedediah bila and matt walton and sam pour -- sam morrell and joe mackey. fledgling sport network espn is getting heat for a picture on a social media account. their college game day account tweeted a photo of a fan holding a sign that reads "ole miss girls are easier than their out of conference schedule." the fan seen here before watching the big game and right after leading his college model u.n club had surprisingly not taken the brunt of the criticism espn has. they called the sign unacceptable as it appeared during their broadcast and the college game day account distanced themselves by captioning the picture just no chill which anyone who is cool knows means not cool.
12:55 am
many believe by tweeting out the photo espn was endorsing it. they have to say retweets are not endorsements, right? >> they have to say that, but these fans in these college towns are crazier than every other sport fan. it is the tradition of the colleges. it is usually the only team in the area they have to root for and they get completely nuts about this stuff. i can relate. i was a giant fan and i was punching myself in the face after these losses. i will not go on twitter and say all eagles fans are -- i think guys get in sports jerries. they go crazy when they get dressed up. >> but it is journalism. show what signs are out there. why should they be at fault? >> they are not at tolt -- not at fault. the funniest part is the girls
12:56 am
are like [laughing] looking at it and [laughing prlg. >> they just want to party. >> these kind of idiotic things serve a purpose. then we say, wow, this is really out there. >> it is not espn's fault. >> it is not espn's fault. >> but what i found more surprising about this is the studentstion's mother retweeted it because she was so proud her alabama son spelled something correctly. >> that has to go without saying. >> it was neat and the penmanship was fantastic. >> it goes back to that story and i feel like everyone gets so outraged by everything. it is a frat bro and he had a dumb sign and we shouldn't get so upset about it. >> now they will be outraged at you calling him stupid and in a frat brawl. >> a special thanks to michelle fields, judy gold, mark giadono and kelly
12:57 am
carlin. i'm tom shillue and i'll she you next time. i'll see you next time. rocket.
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this is absolutely proof positive that puerto ricans can dance. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. once considered a major contender in the presidential nomination and the leader one time in iowa, wisconsin governor scott walker is pulling the plug on a campaign that has been circling the drain for some time now. walker is about to make that announcement in madison, wisconsin. we are going to see that live here on fox newschannel. a stunning drop for governor scott walker. while we wait, senior political correspondent mike manual is here with details of a campaign that has changed trajectory. mike? >> good evening. scott walker's campaign was off to a fast start, red hot in iowa and of theni


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